9 months ago

I will start to write my ORID in here instead of logdown. why? First, it's easier to write in here because it has comparable view. Second, It is easier to link everything together and jianshu let you paste pictures in here too. What about privacy? I don't care, my previous posts are online anyway. And I decide to use English to write my ORID(or daily journal if you would say) because I need to write fluently in English during my work. This is a good practice for it and I could benefit not only to improve my writing skill, but also I could improve the way I express things.


Finish 007's essay (I wrote my reading note for Safety Margin on this).
DI meeting.
Read Think, Fast and Slow.
Work out.
Franklin's Chart.


All accomplished but I wasn't efficiently use my time after DI meeting. It was 3 pm and I feel like I didn't do much after that, I was trying to read an article on Medium but got distracted. I guess I need a mental break from the reading and writing this morning? Ray Dalio said we should schedule break between work. And I did. But I still feel a little wear out after the call. Should I take a walk instead try to keep my eye on the screen? Maybe it is better for me to take a walk. To get my subconscious going, let it work for me.


Today I learned the difference between Investor and Speculator. Investor trade security based on the business underlies it. In contrast, speculator trade based on their believe where the market is going.


Today's reading & writing experience was great. I like to keep this action going. You need to set a certain time just doing this. I think is best to write ORID before you go to bed. And read in the morning. Since you work in the morning, I suggest you could read after work, and go out to work out for an hour. Get back, recharge, and write you daily observation.

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